Maps and Information
On this page you can find links to key official documents and maps. The page will be updated as we gain access to new documents

* Map of North Transmission Lines
* Map of South Transmission Lines (including Clinton)Scenic
* Hudson Map of Hudson Valley Foodshed

Official documents from the Public Service Commission:
* Upgrade Order March 2013
* Statement about December 20 Deadline for Public Comments

Letters our representatives have sent to the Public Service Commission. If you don’t see your representatives here, please check with them! Even if you do, we need to let our reps know that we appreciate their action and care about the issue, need to keep the heat on!

* Barrett_Letter to Administrative Judge re. PSC_PowerLines
* Gipson_Letter to PSC_PL

Below are Hudson Valley government resolutions and official statements opposing the construction of overhead high-voltage lines that expand beyond the footprint of the current lines. Please send us your resolutions as you become aware of them!

Town of Clinton resolution

Daily Freeman November 16 |
Proposed power line through Mid-Hudson region stirs concerns READ ARTICLE
Letter to the Editor : Consider alternatives to new power line READ LETTER

Here are a partial map that includes 3 of the 4 major contractors bidding on this project.
Power Lines in Clinton NY