Our Concerns as Clinton Residents?

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The State is moving forward on a plan to upgrade the electricity grid, and part of the proposed plan is to build massive 12-story high new high voltage power lines through Dutchess County, most likely paralleling the lines that currently run just east of Centre Road or bisecting the Town paralleling Walnut Road.

If you have property on or near these power lines, you are potentially at risk for a serious drop in value, and even loss of property through eminent domain.

If you have property anywhere in Clinton, the significant loss in property values, viewshed, and therefore tax base, along the length of the Town is likely to affect the overall integrity of the Town and possibly your property values and tax rates.

While it is unlikely that we can stop the grid upgrades, we can argue for alternative approaches to building massive towers (double the current height) that can destroy our town.  For example, one bidding company has proposed to run long distance high capacity power lines along the length of the NY State Thruway, but buried in the center medians.  Anther has proposed to bury them alongside the river.  Burying electrical cables is a common practice in many countries (such as Germany, Holland) and in some localities in the U.S.  We could do it here in Dutchess.

Burying the lines is more expensive to the State, but the cost will hit somewhere – either here in Clinton if new towers are built, or at the State level if they bury the lines. We demand that the entire State, which will benefit from the upgraded system, shoulder the cost of burying the lines, and that the integrity of the historic town of Clinton is preserved.