Susan Fowler Gallagher and Robert Hastings own Black Sheep Farm, ten acres where they raise chickens, geese, goats, sheep, and rabbits. They started the farm in the late 1980's. Many of their animals are rescue animals or had been abandoned. They now all live free range and have become great pals for Susan and Robert.


I met Susan and Robert by introducing myself. I like to take photos of farms and was very intrigued by theirs because of my interest in spinning. Since getting to know them and photographing their animals I now use their sheep's wool for some of my spinning and weaving projects.


It has been very satisfying to discover a common interest with my neighbors. The process of caring for the sheep to processing the wool into skeins of yarn reminds us of what life was like when our lifestyles were more basic and simple.

Written by Caroline K. Hamilton-Matuk

Robert displaying the
eggs collected from
his chickens.

The garden path to the barnyard

Susan selecting which sheep will be sheared next.

This photo won first prize in the NYS Sheep and Wool photo contest in 2006. 
I just love Hector and spinning his wool into yarn.

Three woolly friends.

Shearing with friends.


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