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Clinton United Mission Statement:
Our mission is to ensure that as the Town of Clinton continues to grow and evolve, our unique assets are not lost. Unguided, sprawling growth is jeopardizing not only our farms, rural character, natural resources, and historic properties; it is driving out valuable human resources as well.

Without preservation and protective programs, Clinton could readily become a place where few can afford to reside and perhaps even fewer may want to.

The goal of Clinton United is to encourage and support residents and the town government to work together to implement policies that will result in a community we can afford and be proud of.

Members of Clinton United will strive to educate ourselves, as well as the public, about our vulnerability to overdevelopment and just what that may mean.

Clinton United will offer opportunities for private landowners to explore alternatives to development when they need to extract equity from their lands.

Additionally, Clinton United will provide a central location for the population of Clinton to express varying viewpoints, enabling all community members to have a greater voice in the Town's decision making process.

Clinton United is a community organization that provides information to any and all residents within the township. Members have no obligation to perform any duties on behalf of Clinton United.

Clinton United distributes newsletters to all interested members via snail mail and e-mail. Any e-mail addresses that are used by Clinton United will not be used for any other purpose.

Clinton United provides a website for residents to obtain up-to-date information on town and community happenings.
Clinton United also sponsors events designed to give all residents an opportunity to gather informally and become acquainted with each other and the issues facing our town.

Clinton United welcomes your input. We are all united in the fact that we care!
The Genesis of Clinton United
written by Carolyn Marks Blackwood and Blanche Rubin.

FOLLOWING A NUMBER of meetings at Town Hall during the summer of 2005, which focused on options for development and preservation in Clinton, several people decided to form a study group to explore these topics further. The need for such a group became more urgent when another association of neighbors reached out to the community to fight a large, poorly conceived housing development on a rural road. These two groups basically joined together. We realized that this one housing development was the tip of an iceberg and that our town was under the same development pressure as other towns around us. In early 2006, CLINTON UNITED was officially formed.

After consulting with Robert McKeon, a preservation activist, who has helped Red Hook implement many of the “tools” for land use that they now have in place, our evolving group decided it could work to disseminate information and help motivate others to become more active in town affairs. We looked at the Town of Clinton Comprehensive Plan (the Town’s Master Plan drawn up in 1991) and found that it already expressed many of the core values that we thought were important. But we recognized a need for stronger implementation of the Comprehensive Plan’s precepts.

WHEN THE TOWN BOARD called for a public workshop in January 2006 to hear what was on the minds of town citizens, we saw that the majority of those who stepped up to speak had many of the same concerns we had been discussing. The next month, in February, the Town Board's regular meeting focused on development and preservation with Robert McKeon as the featured speaker.

We supported our Board’s efforts to bring these issues into the spotlight by publicizing the event with our first mailing. At that meeting, Robert told us that Clinton has zoning that is compatible with “sprawl” and explained how towns around us were starting to implement instruments of preservation.

DURING ITS FIRST YEAR Clinton United focused its efforts on attracting new members, forming Task Force groups, and planning new events and activities to further our goals. The Clinton United website, initiated in Spring 2006, serves as a primary communications link with our members and interested community residents.

NOW INTO OUR THIRD YEAR as Clinton's "eyes and ears" in the community, our most important service is to provide regular website reports on all Town committee and board meetings. We continue to study and inform ourselves about issues concerning development, preservation, and the environment. There are representatives from Clinton United at every town meeting and we interact, individually or as a group, with committee and board members to share our concerns and points of view.

The website is updated every Friday so please visit here often!