Have you heard about the 29 percent increase in taxes that was just passed in our little town.
Due to negligence and the new town hall complex.... the new 2% increase law is being over turned and the jump will be 29%- the highest in NYState!!

Looks like we need to get together again!!!!

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Tax levy up 29% in town of Clinton's 2012 budget

Town Supervisor Jeffrey Burns says Clinton’s preliminary 2012 budget, which calls for increasing the property tax levy by 29 percent, is the result of declining revenue and the cost of constructing a new Town Hall. Many town residents says they can’t afford such a steep increase.

Daily Freeman Nov5

CALLING ALL READERS: Phone booth serves as ‘America’s Littlest Library’ in Clinton Corners

Living in the country definitely has its perks — lots of open space, fresh air, and those oh-so-quiet nights.
DREAD MORE Daily Freeman Nov 7

Meeting Schedule
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Town Board
July 14

Meets second Tuesday at 7 PM

Planning Board
July 7

Meets first and third Tuesday

Zoning Board of Appeals

Meets fourth Thursday
except for November and December

Comprehensive Plan Review Committee

Meets second Monday
and fourth Tuesday at 7 PM

Scenic and Historic Roads Committee

Meets third Monday

Conservation Advisory Committee

Meets third Thursday

All meetings are held at 7:30 PM at Town Hall
unless otherwise noted.

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Happening in Clinton

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Notes from The Currant farm
Greg Quinn

In Our Backyard

Pat Laine

Local Homes and Historic Sites:
Then and Now
Phillippa and Arthur Weil

Why we live in Clinton
Cynthia Koch and Eliot Werner

Meet Your Neighbor ...
Susan Fowler Gallagher and Robert Hastings

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Read about new developments pertaining to the Pine Plains draft zoning law and send in your comments.click here
Letters from community members, concerning Clinton's rural character, environmental issues, history, and preservation


This article provides an interesting account of the property just south of Clinton Corners as you approach Millbrook from Route 13 (Clinton Corners Road).

Eleanor Roosevelt site seeks volunteers
The Friends of Eleanor Roosevelt at Val-Kill in Hyde Park are looking for new members to join in promoting her legacy. Volunteers can be involved, for example, with gardening, greeting visitors to Val-Kill, or assisting at various ceremonies. For more information and to obtain an application go to http://ervk.org/html/friends.html or call Brenda Goldstein at 845-454-0811.

Carvel Submits a New Plan with 648 units

In recent Pine Plains Planning Board meetings, held since the hearings this spring on the Carvel DEIS development, the Durst team has submitted a major revision of the proposal. This revision is a result of the overwhelmingly negative reaction to the original plan by the public and many experts representing Pine Plains United, Scenic Hudson, the Dutchess Land Conservancy, the county planning office, and even the State Department of Environmental Conservation.
Pine Plains United November 26

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CALL 2-1-1 for any health or human services questions.
211 is a free, confidential multilingual information and referral telephone service available in the Hudson Valley. Knowledgeable and caring specialists can put callers in touch with thousands of health and human services in the region that can help. Call 211 for everything from basic needs like food, clothing and shelter to legal services, drug treatment, employment support, childcare, physical and mental health resources, elder care, services for persons with disabilities and more. 211 is available to those in need 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

For NEW residents of the Town of Clinton, pick up your "Welcome to the Town of Clinton" folder at the Town Hall. This free folder contains valuable information regarding the Town of Clinton and local area community organizations, school and voting districts, voter registration form, education on protecting your well, your septic system, and your drinking water. Be sure to spread the word to any new neighbors you meet.

The results of the Master Plan surveys are now posted on the Town of Clinton website. These are in easy-to-read chart form. Go to the Planning & Zoning page at www.townofclinton.com

Here is an Internet site
that you may become addicted to: Rural Intelligence is a reliable information source for people who do business and seek out recreation and entertainment in four counties--Berkshire, Columbia, northern Dutchess, and northern Litchfield -- spread over three states. Covering the Arts, Home and Garden, Restaurants, Road Trips, etc., Rural Intelligence is the place where full-time residents and weekenders can come together to share their passion for culture and country life. Their first featured artist is none other than Clinton's Carolyn Marks Blackwood and her photography. www.ruralintelligence.com/index.php

If you have trees growing on your property along a town roadway, which are significant because of their size, age, location, etc., a local neighbor has offered this advice. She recommends that you call Theron Tompkins, head of the Town Highway Department (266-3204), and place a request on record that your trees may not be cut down or cut back in any way without your being notified first of the Department's plans.

THE LIST: A wonderful, wide-ranging weekly listing of cultural and other events happening throughout the local area has recently been discovered. While leaning a bit toward Millbrook the listing is diverse enough to appeal to Clintonians as well. To become an e-mail subscriber to "THE LIST" send your request to ilana677@gmail.com or check it out first at www.virtualhudsonvalley.com.

Hudson Valley Ecycle.com
Have you ever cleaned out your garage, or office, or kids' rooms and ended up with a bunch of stuff -- too good to throw out, but you don't have time for a yard sale? The answer is recycling to others in need. Or perhaps you need some esoteric item or are looking for some used furniture or a part for your car. The easiest way to recycle good items or find one you need is through HudsonValleyEcycle.com. This is a wonderful local service! Check it out at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/HudsonValleyEcycle.

A very interesting article, the Millbrook Village Fiscal Impact Study, analyses the fiscal impact of a 100-unit subdivision proposed for the former Bennett College campus in the village of Millbrook, NY. Written by financial analyst James Sheldon, of Gallatin NY, it underscores the substantial property tax increases that school district residents are likely to be burdened with if the proposed development is approved. Clinton residents in the Hyde Park School District will be similarly affected if Serenity Hills and neighboring developments are approved by Hyde Park! Go to this link

The Town of Clinton's Master Plan is up for review. The current Master Plan (sometimes now called a Comprehensive Plan) was adopted in 1991. While its recommendations and guidelines have not always been closely adhered to, it has provided a strong direction for the Town Board, Planning Board, and Zoning Board members to follow. The current review is simply that, not a major revision. The earlier Master Plan Committee had 15 members; the current Committee now has 10 members. They are Roger Hof, chair; Ronald Brand, Anthony Carvahlo, J. E. (Jack) Cleary, Norene Coller, Bill Dickett, Bill Martin, Roger Mastri, Donna Shellhammer, and Art Weiland. The Committee meetings are open to the public. They are held at Town Hall, the second Monday and fourth Tuesday of each month at 7:30 PM.

Of the nearly 80,000 people who moved into the Hudson Valley between 2000 and 2005, 75 percent moved into relatively rural areas outside established cities and villages. In Dutchess County, the second-fastest growing county in the Hudson Valley behind Orange County, 94 percent of the population growth is dispersed in more rural areas.

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FOR YOUR INFORMATION: There is a very useful County map service that is available to all residents. To access this map click here

ParcelAccess is a new application that gives residents, property owners, and professionals, as well as prospective buyers, web-based access to map-based parcel and assessment information. ParcelAccess is uniquely integrated with the GeoAccess mapping function to provide visitors to the website with a variety of data and information, all "at their fingertips." As a joint project between Dutchess County Real Property Tax Service Agency and the Office of Computer Information Systems, this feature includes:
• Assessment data that is updated twice a year: May 1 for the Tentative Assessment Rolls and July 1 for the Final Rolls
• Parcel search based on Municipality, Property Owner, Address, or Parcel Lot Number
• Easy-to-use Map controls such as Zoom In/Out, Pan, ID Parcel, and Print Map
• Print capability that allows you to print a "Property Card" for a parcel that includes Parcel and Assessment information as well as an image of the parcel and surrounding area
• Aerial Orthophoto backdrop

The old schoolhouse on Ruskey Lane at the intersection of Spooky Hollow Road, was built some time in the mid-1800s for District No. 4.
No one has been able to pinpoint exactly when, but there are reports that it was in use by the 1850s.

The school continued to be used until the mid-1900s when the Hyde Park Central district was organized. The old Ruskey School was absorbed and its children sent to the central district schools. Some of the teachers known to have taught there over the years include Theodore Barnes, Charlie Robbins, Roy Bentley, Mrs. Bentley, Miss Kate Wilbur, Miss Eunice Browning, Mrs. Edwin Rozell, Mrs. James Rymph, and Mrs. Phoebe Rymph. The school served children from grade 1 to grade 8 and generally had a population of 12 to 16 students.

After the school was closed it was bought by Mr. Charles M. Clay whose property line ran approximately through the center of the building. The property was sold with the stipulation that the building should be used for community purposes. Over the years it was utilized for parties, meetings, dances, barbecues, clam bakes, and benefits. In 1984 when Mr. Clay's widow, Antoinette "Annie" Clay died, she willed the school and an acre of land to the Town of Clinton. Of all the former one-room school houses in town, Ruskey School is the only one that had never been converted to any other use.
Currently under discussion are potential plans to move the entire old school structure to a site on Centre Road, adjacent to Town Hall. The Town Board is researching the logistics and costs of such a move as well as the cost of bringing the building up to code for year-round use.

With no town center and a little over 4000 residents, the Town of Clinton has an attractive stony and steep topography that could be expected to limit the population density of much of the land. There is little disagreement that the land's beauty--the rock outcroppings, the vistas over the fields, the lack of strip malls--are tremendous assets. But most Clintonites are also aware that how our land is used can have an impact on all of us. read more


Town residents and the County Department of Public Works see a new bridge a little differently read more


The lessons we learned over the past year...story

Double D Updates and information here

Serenity Hills Updates and information here
Take a look at an aerial view of the proposed Serenity Hills development here

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CLINTON UNITED has just received the following letter from Robert Balkind, Assistant Director of Engineering, Dutchess County Department of Public Works:

I recently read your web page concerning the bridge project. I offer the following information for your edification:
• The article cites County DPW as giving the bridge a 4.7 structural soundness rating. In fact, NYSDOT conducts all bridge inspections and assigns condition ratings in New York State.
• Although accident history contributes to the County’s decision to replace the bridge, other factors also come in to play in the County’s decision. These factors include the current availability of Federal funds to reimburse Dutchess County for the project costs (Federal Aid will provide 90 cents of reimbursement for each dollar spent by the County) and the functional obsolescence of the bridge (the narrow lanes, no shoulders, poor guide rail, poor alignment, etc.)

The County’s intention is to construct a new bridge that will maintain the hamlet’s character and quality while providing a safer and stronger bridge. The County has held a preliminary public information meeting to present alternative design plans to the public. The design report is now being developed and preliminary plans are being prepared which address the public’s input. Once the report and preliminary plans are done, another public information meeting will be held to again present the project to the public. I truly believe that the County’s goal to improve the safety and operation of the bridge and the residents’ goal to maintain the unique character of Clinton Hollow hamlet are not mutually exclusive. Thank you for your consideration.

Robert Balkind, P.E.
Assistant Director of Engineering
Dutchess County DPW – Engineering Division
626 Dutchess Turnpike
Poughkeepsie, NY 12603