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For a look at an aerial photo of the proposed Serenity Hills Development click here
Tests planned at site of future subdivision

HYDE PARK — Balloon visual tests will be conducted Dec. 5 at the site of the proposed Serenity Hills subdivision on North Quaker Lane.The tests will be begin at 11 a.m. and last about two hours.Inclement weather dates are Dec. 8 and Dec. 12. The decision to cancel a test may be made on short notice, making it impossible to notify all those residing in the vicinity of the proposed site plan.

To determine if balloon tests are being conducted, residents can call Stacey Gibson, balloon tests coordinator, at 845-294-2789 or Donna Knapp, Hyde Park planning board secretary, at 845-229-5111 ext. 2 or Michael White at Spectra Engineering at 845-454-9440. See press release here

Clinton residents attending the Hyde Park Planning Board workshop meeting on Wednesday, July 5th were very pleased. The Serenity Hills developer has agreed to incorporate all the suggestions from Hyde Park and Clinton for the environmental impact statement (EIS) -- with the exception of a 3-D visualization study. They will do a balloon test and inform the boards of both towns so that residents may witness the test.
Hyde Park will hire its own hydro-geologist to study the impact of water use for the four proposed subdivisions in this northwestern area of the town. 

The Serenity Hills Scoping Hearing at the Hyde Park Planning Board meeting was well attended by Clinton residents. The hearing lasted about an hour, with approximately 8-10 people from the audience speaking to the Board. Of particular note: 75% of the speakers were from Clinton!

After short presentations by the attorney and engineer for Serenity Hills, each speaker was allowed 3 minutes to raise their concerns about the issues that must be addressed in the Serenity Hills Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). The Board listened attentively and receptively. Michael Dupree, Chairman of the Planning Board, made it clear at the outset and throughout the hearing that they want to know the public's concerns. They should be congratulated for expressing an openness not always observed in a community's proceedings!

The Clinton Town Board's Serenity Hill Committee, represented by Town councilman Jeff Burns, submitted a three page document to the Planning Board raising 7 major areas of concern about matters that directly affect the residents of Clinton. A link to a copy of this document is included below.

The next step for the Serenity Hills developers is to create a draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS). This will be a very large document and most likely will take a fairly extended period of time. There will be public hearings again once it is submitted. Check the Clinton United website regularly for updates.

See the scoping document with concerns about the Serenity Hills project here

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WEDNESDAY, JUNE 21, 2006, 7:00 PM


SERENITY HILLS is a 77 home development that is proposed for a 230 acre parcel on Quaker Lane in Hyde Park, just south of Hollow Road and the Clinton town line. This development bears the potential to have a major impact on residents in the town of Clinton. The scoping session on June 21st will be a public hearing. It will be the first opportunity for Clinton United members and other concerned individuals to speak out about this subdivision .

The Clinton Town Board has appointed a committee to present the Town's concerns about SERENITY HILLS to the Hyde Park Planning Board. Members of the committee are Jeff Burns, Norene Coller, Jack Cleary, Michael McCormack, and Blanche Rubin . They have drafted a letter that covers the following major points: analysis of the site for large-scale development, traffic, visual impact, hydrology, wildlife habitats, fire and rescue services, taxes. The committee members will be present at the Public Hearing on June 21 st .

All Clinton United members are strongly encouraged to attend this hearing and to voice their concerns. You will be joining many residents from Hyde Park, many who are members of Hyde Park's Stop the Sprawl.

To help prepare yourself for the meeting, review the articles on our web site listed below:   Breaking Down the SEQR Process, Report on the Hyde Park Planning Board Meeting of May 3rd , Update on Serenity Hills Development.

In a nutshell:   the SEQR process requires the creation of an environmental impact statement, or EIS. The Hyde Park Planning Board must determine   the scope of the draft environmental impact statement, or DEIS, to be completed. The DEIS is a description of the proposed development, its environmental setting, its purpose and benefits, and its potential significant environmental effects. Alternatives, including potential measures to limit environmental harm or taking no action, must be included in the DEIS.

The scope defines what issues must be studied, and in what detail. The Planning Board has held a 30-day public comment period for scoping, so people can suggest relevant issues that should be addressed. While not required to do so, the Planning Board is now holding a public scoping hearing.

Clinton United's response to this proposed development must be pro-active!
We must make an appearance and be heard at every hearing.
Plan on joining us next Wednesday, June 21st , at 7:00 PM.

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