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DOUBLE D -- A New Development in Clinton to Know About...
A five acre property on Hollow Road in Pleasant Plains has been submitted to the Clinton Planning Board with plans for a 5 lot subdivision.
This very visible subdivision in the hamlet of Pleasant Plains has Clinton United members concerned, for all of the reasons outlined in a letter presented to the Planning Board at the May 16, 2006 meeting.
We are pleased to report that the Planning Board is scrutinizing this development proposal very closely and paying careful attention to the pertinent material in the Town's Master Plan regarding building sites in our hamlets.
The letter that was submitted by Clinton United is here

Double D Meeting Report
OCTOBER 17, 2006
The October 17th meeting of the Town of Clinton Planning Board included a Public Hearing concerning the Double D development on the corner of Hollow Road and North Quaker Lane. Many people can identify this property by the red barn antique store and farmhouse located at that corner. A good number of Clinton United members as well as neighbors to the proposed development in Pleasant Plains attended the hearing.

In response to Planning Board comments on a previous submittal, the developers offered a new plan proposing four units instead of five. The existing 2 family farmhouse would be one of the units. The Planning Board expressed concerns about compliance with set backs in order to retain the "hamlet appearance." The current design shows the houses on deep narrow lots with just a driveway separating each building. The driveways all connect to North Quaker Lane. The house designs are essentially modular colonial style homes with 2 dormers, such as are seen everywhere in this area.

Public comments centered on the need for an undisturbed "greenbelt zone" in the rear of the new home sites to create a buffer between this development and the adjacent neighbors. Each Clinton United member who spoke expressed the need for an Architectural Review Committee to aid the developers in both site planning and home design.

The development does not yet have Board of Health approval. Neither did the developers receive Planning Board approval at this meeting. The Planning Board requested that the developers meet with the Town Planner and Engineer to determine a cohesive list of requirements and restrictions that must be met. The public's concerns must be considered and the Planning Board must spend more time studying the special conditions that have to be met before they will be ready to approve a development within a hamlet. Among other issues, they must also look into if there had once been an agreement for Lot 4 (the two family home and the antique store) to maintain 2.9 acres for this plat. If this were the case it would again change the development plan, reducing it to 2 new homes beyond the existing farmhouse. Another Public Hearing will be called when the developers again submit their plans to the Board.

Contributors to this report were Harvey Podolsky, David Goldin, and Bronwyn Bevan.

Written by Blanche Rubin

On Tuesday, October 17th the Town of Clinton Planning Board will be holding a Public Hearing concerning the DOUBLE D Subdivision on the corner of Hollow Road and Quaker Lane. The hearing will be held at Town Hall (in the basement meeting room) at 7:30 P.M. or as soon thereafter as it appears on the agenda. The purpose of a Public Hearing is to give all interested parties an opportunity to be heard regarding any concerns they may have about the physical, historical, or environmental impact of a subdivision.

In the case of the DOUBLE D development, Clinton United has already raised numerous concerns with the Board. The developers are planning to subdivide a 5 acre parcel into five 1 acre lots in the middle of the hamlet of Pleasant Plains. They then intend to build 5 homes. In a letter sent to the Planning Board on May 16, 2006, Clinton United requested that the Board pay particular attention to the following matters:

-- Appropriate siting of the proposed houses to ensure that the hamlet-like feel [of Pleasant Plains] is preserved.
-- Architectural design and implementation (including the scale of the homes) that is in character with the historic homes of Pleasant Plains.
-- Housing styles that include appropriate variety and setbacks to preserve the feeling of the hamlet -- An environmental and landscaping design that preserves the scenic and environmental quality of Pleasant Plains.

Clinton United encourages all concerned residents of the hamlet of Pleasant Plains and the Town of Clinton to attend this Public Hearing and to voice your concerns and opinions to the Planning Board. From our past experiences in dealing with developers WE KNOW THAT PUBLIC OPINION HAS AN IMPACT on the Planning Board's decisions. A large public turnout at this Hearing will make a difference!