Rose Colored Glasses ??

Indeed we welcome the few warm days of late winter not only for our self sanity, but also to melt inches of accumulated ice. And then stormy weather blows in again. Although it was in the 40s the other day the wind blew so hard that I was almost afraid to walk the dog, for fear that a tree limb would hit me in the head. I usually cherish the wind, maybe from my days of sailing, but also for the powerful magic it seems to invoke.

This is the in-between season. The ice and snow will now turn to mud that will be with us for the next few months. From here on into spring everything will look ‘sooty.’ The air is beginning to smell like the farmers have begun spreading manure over the fields. Our soggy yards desperately call for us to do a major clean up. The oil tanks are low from the extreme cold weather. And so, we keep our wood stoves going, so as not to touch that thermostat. But it gets so warm in the house that we need to crack open a window, or put on a fan to tolerate the heat needed when the temperatures drop at night.

I was thinking about all this, and how it compares to the general mood of people in these days of despairing times, when just after 5:00 PM I was distracted from my writing desk, by what I thought was a moving shadow caught in the corner of my eye. I looked up, and was struck by what seemed to be a sepia-toned shade being pulled down over the window. The light had changed.

I was taken by surprise to notice that everything outside had an orange-pink glow. The trees looked pink. The snow was pink, and my car was no longer a forest green but, rather, a dark navy blue! I got up to look out the western window, fully expecting to see a fiery sunset, but instead there were angry brown storm clouds, fiercely blowing out of the shifting winds now coming from the northwest. Indeed, these were the remnants of the tornado induced storms from out west!

The glow lasted only about ten minutes. And the clouds now looked a dirty gray, as they blew to the east like smoke from a locomotive, raging past just as quickly, its engine roaring, the trees bending over backwards, and birds scattering. Now with darkness rapidly approaching (an hour later than last month), I am wondering, did anyone else notice this phenomenon, or am I the only one with rose colored glasses?

I put out a few inquiries to people in the area. Some noticed this and also described the sepia toned change in the light of day. Others described vibrant blue shades of turquoise streaks in the eastern sky, as hues never seen before. It seems this was a much needed distraction from the doom and gloom that goes on in our heads!

Pat Laine is a 9 year resident of Clinton. She owns and operates Little Creek Therapeutic Massage. She shares her home with her Maine Coon cat and collie dog. Whether walking in the woods, or along Little Wappingers Creek and its environs, she observes the miracles of wildlife and plant life on a daily basis.

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