So who and what is Clinton Concerned Citizens?

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Active citizens of the area have banded together to work for a responsible and effective solution to the proposed NY Energy Highway plan we recently learned about. Clinton Concerned Citizens is a group which has risen out of Clinton United. Clinton United was founded in 2006 by me and my partner Carolyn Blackwood with a core group of interested town residents to battle, on behalf of the residents of the town, some really bad development proposals.

It’s important to note that we were not against development just bad and irresponsible development. One, most notably, on Schoolhouse Rd. which we were successful in exposing the harmful aspects of this project, specifically water runoff that would impact Schoolhouse Rd. and surrounding properties. The developers were not making these issues public so we stepped up exposed the faults in the plans and prevented the project from going forward.

The group has been quiescent for several years but Carolyn and I have kept the website alive in the event that another issue of great importance to the residents of the town should arise….and here we are.

The purpose of this site is a hub of information for homeowners and landowners on the issues at hand which is now the proposed power lines.

This site is totally non-partisan and not affiliated with any other group or political entity. When the group was active, the cost of maintaining this site was born by donations from the CU membership as well as fundraisers.

Since then, Carolyn and I have been funding this site ourselves until a better alternative arises.
We are residents of the town and happen to have a property through which one of the proposed routes for these lines may go, so our interest and concern is personal as well as for the betterment of the town.


Greg Quinn