Coalition wants NY Public Service Commission to rethink power line proposals DAILY FREEMAN
Monster Power Lines would have a monstrous effect on many communities, families and the scenery we have taken for granted.

Welcome to the Clinton Concerned Citizens Website.

You’re probably here because you heard that this is the place to go for information about the impending new power lines which are slated to cut through our little town which have huge potential negative impacts for homeowners and landowners of Clinton with virtually no positive benefit.

The State is moving forward on a plan to upgrade the electricity grid, and part of the proposed plan is to build massive 12-story high new high voltage power lines through Dutchess County, most likely paralleling the lines that currently run just east of Centre Road or bisecting the Town paralleling Walnut Road.

If you have property on or near these power lines, you are potentially at risk for a serious drop in value, and even loss of property through eminent domain.

If you have property anywhere in Clinton, the significant loss in property values, viewshed, and therefore tax base, along the length of the Town is likely to affect the overall integrity of the Town and possibly your property values and tax rates.

Yard signs now available at AGWAY (2297 Salt Point Turnpike in Clinton Corners near the Taconic State Parkway exit) and at Schultzville General Store and Cafe (835 Fiddler's Bridge Road, Rhinebeck / Clinton Corners).


The Hudson Valley Smart Energy Coalition is a broad-based coalition of community groups and officials partnered with Scenic Hudson in seeking to protect Hudson Valley communities from the potential negative impacts of proposals to create a major power line project running across New York State and through the Hudson Valley. See their website

Livingston Town Board on board!

Greg Quinn, owner of Currant-C and co-Chairman of Clinton Concerned Citizens, is fighting to save his farm (and all of us!) from Monster Power Lines in the Hudson Valley. On February 14th he was a guest on WVKR 91.3

Residents speak out against high-voltage power lines HudsonValley News
The Clinton Forum (See Video) and the informational meeting December 8th. On November 22 the Farmers and Families For Livingston sponsored an informational meeting LINK TO VIDEOS
Governor Cuomo’s office and the NYS Public Service Commission (PSC) have approved the installation of an additional 345 KV Electrical Transmission Line through all identified towns and municipalities from upstate Marcy, NY to Pleasant Valley, NY as part of the NY Energy Highway initiative.

The Town of Clinton is on that list. This will greatly affect not only those home and landowners whose properties bound or are in the direct path of the new lines but the whole town with decreased property assessments and reallocation of the tax burden from those properties which will certainly lose considerable value to unaffected properties.

In January 2014, the PSC will most likely determine the many of the parameters of the project and which applicants will submit bids. It’s of the utmost importance that we get out ahead of this and state out objections and possible alternatives. There is still time to promote and even demand alternatives to 120’ towers (almost double the height of the existing lines) with aircraft blinking lights and transmission lines with massive amounts of humming current. And there are some alternatives.

I am beginning to populate this site with any and all pertinent information, so check back often for updates and meetings about this major development in the Town of Clinton, sign up with your email for future bulletins and be sure to tell your neighbors to do the same. We can only mitigate what may well have a devastating impact on our properties with large numbers and a loud voice.